Maximize utilization of your operating rooms with Tegris

Tegris is the operating room (OR) integration system that delivers video and data integration for a simpler,
safer and more streamlined working environment, enabling OR staff to focus on the best possible care for patients.

With Tegris, your operating room is managed through a single system that actively promotes the working environment and flow in the operating room by integrating video routing, data management and device operation.tegris-customer-case-story-improve-data-security-and-patient-safety

A Tegris-enhanced surgical setup helps reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections and work-related injuries among staff thanks to ergonomic working positions, standardized video connectivity,
and less equipment in the operating room.

T-DOC is part of our Integrated Workflow Solutions (IWS) offering. IWS brings you a safer, integrated and better utilized facility that supports greater consistency and efficiency, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering the best possible care for patients.